Lowering health insurance costs

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Think healthy!

A healthy diet means not only eating right but keeping alcohol consumption to a moderate level. From a lifestyle standpoint, reduction of stress is more important than you’d think in controlling hypertension and heart disease.  Just about everyone knows the role exercise plays in good health and today such tools as pedometers and step monitoring can help us all be more conscious of our movement.

Preventive care can help catch problems when they are still small, as does having recommended screenings, such as those for breast and prostate cancer.

Use of in-network providers

New York health insurance companies negotiate lower cost contracts with in-network physicians and hospitals. This helps them keep their own costs low. If you use one of these, your costs will also be lower. Be aware that some health insurance plans do not cover out of network benefits at all, leaving the entire cost to you. Make sure you know what is allowed under your policy before selecting a doctor and hospital.

Prescription drug costs

Many New York health insurance plans offer prescription drug benefits, although some do not. Either way, you can lower the cost of prescriptions by asking your doctor to specify generic drugs. You may also find that your insurer’s mail-in option for prescription medications may be a significantly lower cost, too.

If you doctor has prescribed medication, under no circumstances should you take less than the prescribed dose to save money.

Consider a plan with HAS

Under a health savings account, you can contribute a certain amount of pre-tax dollars to pay for certain current and future medical costs. This can be a very good deal and worth checking into.

Using emergency rooms

Higher hospital costs can come from the use of the hospital emergency room for non-emergencies. If it is not an emergency, see your primary care physician or visit an urgent care clinic instead of going to the emergency room. But in an emergency, do not hesitate to go to the hospital.